Project Manager, Undergrad Researcher, Content Writer

theDesignExchange is the largest repository of design methods in the world, fostering an international community of design students, educators, and practioners. This project is a collaborative research effort between the Berkeley Institute for Design, the Berkeley BEST Lab, and MIT. The content on this portal is currently being used for 6 graduate-level courses at Haas School of Business and Berkeley Engineering as a valuable resource when teaching human-centered design methodology.

I previously led a team of undergrad developers and designers for theDesignExchange. In the past, I have created content for 30 design methodologies, conducted ethnographic user research, and coauthored a paper regarding design education.

Check out a few of the design methods that I have written and published on theDesignExchange:

We published a paper at the 2018 ASME Design Education conference titled Using "Why and How" to Tap into Novice Designers' Method Selection Mindset that illustrates that students exhibit contextually-aware method selection mindsets when given the task to select specific design methods to use.

I also had the opportunity to write a thesis paper that delves into the process of redesigning theDesignExchange method page to assist novice designers in embedding design methods into practice.